The importance of using RMI approved workshops

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A vehicle is a big purchase item. So big, in fact, that it’s only second to your home. For this reason alone, it makes the most sense to get it serviced at an accredited and graded workshop. You may believe that sending your car to a “backyard” mechanic is acceptable. However, depending on both your vehicle and warranty, you might simply end up doing yourself (and your vehicle) in. 

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) is the biggest organisation in SA’s retail motor industry. Its code of conduct guarantees reasonable prices on high-quality products, services, and components as well as recourse for dissatisfied customers.

Why should you work with an accredited workshop?

Doing business with an accredited workshop ensures that the job will be done right and in accordance with strict industry standards. This guarantee includes other factors, such as ensuring that a workshop is compliant with Covid-19 regulations. Accreditation protects the customer as well as the employees.

Accredited workshops need to meet specific requirements. If they don’t, it can have a significant effect on the vehicle’s performance. For example, all MIWA-accredited workshops are subject to regular audits to ensure that they have the necessary diagnostic equipment, qualified personnel and that they use reputable, high-quality aftermarket parts that come with a warranty.

Compliance includes checks on oil removal protocols, general maintenance and servicing of vehicle hoists and major workshop equipment. Aside from safety protocols, RMI accredited workshops have an obligation to train and upskill employees regularly, contributing to job creation and the general economy.

Practically all of the extended warranty insurance houses require that work claimed against insurance policies are performed by RMI approved workshops. Moreleta Service Centre is registered with most of the major insurance companies and claims on behalf of their customers for repairs required and covered by their warranty insurance policies.

If there’s a problem, you can recourse

It is important to note that if customers discover that their workshop does not deliver as promised, they can report the workshop in question to the RMI. Non-accredited workshops, on the other hand, cannot contact the RMI.

You must consider the remedy if the workmanship is of poor quality before you choose a workshop to do major repairs on your vehicle. Always ask what the terms are on the warranty coverage for defective workmanship before you authorise repairs on your vehicle. RMI approved workshops need to honour a minimum of a 6-month or 100,000 km warranty, giving you value for money and peace of mind.

Resolving disagreements

The Consumer Services Division of the RMI operates throughout the country and prides itself for its high success rate in resolving disagreements. Its national Consumer Affairs Department handles complaints from customers and members, acting as a neutral third party in the agreeably resolving of disputes. Any disagreements between an RMI member and a customer that cannot be resolved can be referred to the RMI for analysis.

Ensuring product quality and compliance with industry standards

The RMI represents the motor industry on several committees and working groups of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

The RMI protects both consumers and members against the purchase of inferior components. As an approved member of the RMI, Moreleta Service Centre commits to selling exceptional products and services at reasonable prices, as well as honouring all product and service warranties.

The RMI has been representing the retail motor industry for over 100 years and is recognised as the industry’s authoritative voice, providing consumers with a sense of security. Moreleta Service Centre is pleased to be part of its 8,000 business members.

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